Event design

Preview image of the background art for the event design project

The Project

I created this project in the fall of 2019 as a student at Algonquin College. The assignment was to create a themed event from the ground up, the deliverables are a logo, artwork, an 11 by 17 poster, a horizontal and a vertical web banner, a save the date for email and a banner.

The Process

I started off this project by brainstorming on what kind of event I wanted to create. I decided on making a craft show, I have many fond memories of going to these events as a child and I thought it would be fun to create that magical feeling myself. I created a mind map to come up with a name and landed on "The Wonders of Winter" and then I began to create a mood board.

After creating my mood board I had a good idea of the artwork i wanted to use for my project so I started to sketch out little houses and trees for my winter scene.

Mood board for the Wonders of Winter craft showArtwork Sketches for Event Design

Next I moved over to the computer to start to create my digital artwork. I drew out all of the houses and trees and the mountain line in one file and then I copied and pasted the artwork into 5 different files so I could adjust it to work for each size of advertising I had to create for the project. I created another file with the sky and the stars to place in behind the rest of the artwork and finally I created Santa's sleigh to fly across the sky. After I finished the artwork I placed each piece of artwork into its own Indesign document to create the text layout for each advertisement. The biggest challenge for me was the web banners because the awkward sizing made it challenging to fit all of the information.

It took several rounds of feedback and editing to achieve the final layout for each of the pieces. The most challenging piece of feedback was that I should have similar placement of the text elements all horizontal and vertical layouts. I had finally managed to fit all of the information into the web banners and then was told I should move things around to make the advertising set look more cohesive together. Although it was challenging I think it made my work much better in the end.

The Wonders of Winter Feather BannerThe Wonders of Winter PosterThe Wonders of Winter Web Banner VerticalThe Wonders of Winter Save the Date EmailerThe Wonders of Winter Web Banner Hortizontal
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