Infographic Poster

Infographic Poster Mockup

The Project

I created this infographic poster as a student in winter of 2019 in my first year as a student at Algonquin College. My classmates and I were all assigned a topic that came with data we would have to design and include on our poster. The theme I received was "Beer, Canada's Drink of the Summer", ironic considering I was still 17 years old at the time.

The Process

I started off by reading my package of data and organizing the information by grouping similar topics. At this step I also decided what kind of graph I would use for each set of comparative data. Next I researched on all things beer to give myself some ideas on colours, fonts and iconography style. From this information I created a mood board to organize my visual ideas.

Beer Infographic Sketches

After my research and planning was complete I began to sketch different elements that I knew I would need for the poster. None of my sketches at this point had an accurate representation of the data but they helped me plan out the spacing and visual design. After I had created enough assets I sketched out a design for the full poster to present to my teacher for feedback.

After receiving feedback I was finally given the go ahead to start working on my poster digitally. The biggest challenge for me was figuring out how to fit such a large amount of information without making the page look too cluttered. This time when creating my graphs I entered my data into a graph creating software so that I could get the proper proportions and placements of the data points. After the graphs were created I was able to edit the visual design of them to fit in with my theme. I drew up all of my assets based on my earlier sketch and laid out the page pretty similarly to my sketch with a few improvements. I shared my work with my teacher and he gave me some advice like adding the background to the last graph on the page so it didn't look too empty. With a little more feedback and editing I was able to create a well designed 11 by 17 infographic poster.

Infographic Poster SketchFinal infographic poster design
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