Logo and Branding redesign

Strawberry Blonde Bakery Bag

The Project

This project is a student project of mine where I was challenged to remake an existing logo and brand that I thought I could improve on. I reached out to Strawberry Blonde Bakery through email to ask for their permission to redesign their content and use it in my portfolio.

The Process

The first step in my process is always research, I looked through Strawberry Blonde Bakery's website, and social media pages to get a good understanding of their brand. With all this in mind, I created my guiding document that listed the brand goals, mood, main competitors, strengths and weaknesses.

After completing my research I created a mind map and filled it with a broad range of ideas, items, colours and feelings that I could use to begin my first round of sketches.

Round 1 of SketchesRound 2 of Sketches

Next I reviewed my sketches with some peers to get feedback and a new perspective. I was encouraged to stay away from emblem logos and to consider how the logo would work in colour. It was also pointed out that some of the icing shapes I had drawn so far were reminiscent of the poop emoji. The feedback I received helped me define which concepts I should continue with and inspired me to think of some new ones.

After several more rounds of sketches and feedback I chose my final sketch to bring forward into the next stage of the process.

Round 3 of SketchesFinal Round of Sketches

I imported the final sketch into Adobe Illustrator as a reference point to create the vector file. The next thing I worked on was colours. I tested the logo out with many combinations until I found the best one, a pink strawberry with a blonde top and cupcake wrapper. After choosing the colours, I started to explore different fonts that would pair well with the logo. This step took me a long time, some fonts seemed to childish while other fonts didn't fit the mood of the brand. In the end I chose the font Agenda, I used varying text sizes and weights to add emphasis and interest to the logo.

Strawberry Blonde Bakery logo digital sketchesStrawberry Blonde Bakery Final logo in colour and black and white

The final part of this project was to create a matching branding package for the new logo. I had already created most of the assets for the branding package throughout the process of designing the logo, so this was the easier part of the project.

Stationary for Strawberry Blonde Bakery
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